International Conference 'Teaching Medical Translation II'
Bridging the Gap: Medical Curriculum Meets Translation Methodology

Monday, July 6, 2009
0900 - 0915:
Welcoming address
0915 - 0930:
Introduction by the conference chairs: Dr. John Stewart, BA., MA., and Dr. Wencke Orbán - University of Heidelberg
0930 - 1015:
Keynote Lecture by Prof. Dr. Patrick Bankston - Indiana University -
PBL and Medical Education at the Indiana University School of Medicine: Case Writing in a Medical Problem Solving Curriculum
1015 - 1030:
1030 - 1100:
Lecture by Dr. Wencke Orbán, Dipl.-Übers. - SÜD, Universität Heidelberg -
Innovative Bewertungsmethoden in einem PBL-basierten Lehr- und Lernkontext
Innovative Assessment Methods in a PBL-Based Teaching and Learning Context (Lecture in German)

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1115 - 1145:
Lecture by Dr. Nicole Keller, Dipl.-Übers. - SÜD, Universität Heidelberg
Medizinische Terminologie als Herausforderung für den Übersetzer am Beispiel des respiratorischen Systems The Challenge of Translating Medical Terminology: The respiratory system as acase in point (Lecture in German)
1200 - 1345:
Lunch break
1345 - 1515:
Workshop with introductory lecture by Prof. Dr. Frank Austermühl - University of Auckland, New Zealand -
Cooperative Approaches to the Teaching of Terminology Management
1530 - 1600:
Lecture by Anne Sophie Seidler, Dipl.-Übers. - SÜD, Universität Heidelberg -
Approche contrastive des difficultés relatives à la traduction médicale de l'allemand vers le français
A Contrastive Examination of Special Problems in the Field of Medical Technical Translation with Reference to a French/German Comparison (Lecture in French)

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009
0900 - 0915:
Introducing the program for the day: Dr. John Stewart, BA., MA., and Dr. Wencke Orbán, Dipl.-Übers. - University of Heidelberg -
0915 - 1000:
Lecture by Dr. Christoph Stoll, Dipl.-Dolm. – Universität Heidelberg – and Mike Morandin, Dipl.-Dolm., aiic
Vorbereitungsstrategien und Arbeitstechniken für Simultandolmetscher medizinischer Fachkongresse
Preparation Strategies and Working Techniques for Simultaneous Interpreters at Medical Conferences (Lecture in German)
1000 - 1015:
1015 - 1100:
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Jörg Riecke, - Universität Heidelberg
Die Entstehung eines Wörterbuchs der mittelalterlichen medizinischen Fachsprache
Creating a Dictionary of Medieval Medical Terminology (Lecture in German)
1115 - 1145:
Lecture by Dr. John Stewart, BA., MA. - SÜD, Universität Heidelberg
The Reception Phase in Medical Translation: Building blocks of LSP reading comprehension
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1200 - 1400:
Lunch break
1400 - 1445:
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Michael Kirschfink - Institut für Immunologie, Universität Heidelberg -
Problem-orientiertes Lernen als integraler Bestandteil des reformierten Studiengangs HeiCuMed der Medizinischen Fakultät Heidelberg
Problem-Oriented Learning as an Integral Component of the Reformed HeiCuMed Curriculum at the University of Heidelberg's Medical Faculty (Lecture in German)
1500 - 1600:
Workshop in cooperative translation by Dr. Wencke Orbán, Dipl.-Übers. - Universität Heidelberg -
Translating medical texts in small peer groups
1600 - 1630:
Lecture by Dr. Laura Gelati, Dipl.-Übers. - Universität Heidelberg -
Il foglio illustrativo - strumento comunicativo e documento regolatorio in continua trasformazione ovvero La sfida di redigere e tradurre un testo medico informativo comprensibile dal paziente
The Pharmaceutical Package Insert - A text type in flux, subject to special communicative and regulatory requirements or The task of providing patient-friendly information as a challenge for authors and translators (Lecture in Italian)
1630 - 1700:
Coffee and further discussion (informal)